Although many patients are referred by their family dentist, it is not necessary. A large portion of our practice is referred by our own patients who have been pleased with our orthodontic services. This is the highest compliment we can receive. We always welcome referrals from our friends and patients. If you have a concern about your smile, a functional problem, or a jaw deformity, please contact our office for an evaluation.  Routine exam appointments are free.

Dr. Hayes appreciates how valuable your time is. We strive to improve and to make our office schedule as efficient as possible.

Dr. K. Michael Hayes D.D.S. Specialist in Orthodontics
702 West 7th Street
Auburn, IN 46706
(Across from Penguin Point)
Phone: (260) 925-0300
Toll Free: (888) 878-8185
Fax: (260) 333-0873

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